About Cannalab Organics

At Cannalab Organics we love everything natural and organic and we believe that everything we need to create products that you will love can come exclusively from nature


This is what makes our products so special


We are a Greek company proud of our origins and our environmentally friendly mentality. We love nature, respect the environment and create exclusively eco-bio products based on hemp and CBD.


We carefully select the raw plant materials of our products and ensure that they come from sustainable farms that respect the environment.


We create with respect for nature and human


We love animals as much as you and we would never test anything on them. All our skincare products are clinically and dermatologically tested and all our formulations and documentations are registered on the CPNP platform of the European Union. This way, each and every one of our global customers, feels confident that uses products fully tested and certified by official European and independent organizations.


We choose to certify all our skincare products as Eco-BIO proving our commitment to purity and high quality.


Certified Organic Products WITHOUT compromises

 This  way you are sure that when we claim Eco – Bio  we actually mean it.

We do not use any ingredients that are known to be harmful to humans or that have been know to be tested on animals.


Indicatively, we mention some ingredients that you will NEVER find in Cannalab Organics products. Parabens, petrolatum, silicones, synthetic colors and fragrances, propylene glycols, phthalates, EDTA are among the long list of substances NEVER TO BE USED by us


Cannalab Organics as you would say Natural and Organic Hemp


We chose to create products around one key ingredient, that of cannabis Sativa as we believe that it encompasses so many benefits for both the skin and the well-being of the human body. This type of cannabis is legally cultivated and produced worldwide, is controlled by domestic authorities of each country and while it belongs to the same category to recreational cannabis, it does not have any psychoactive effects.


More information about cannabis and CBD can be found in our article About cannabis and CBD


More information on how cannabis can benefit your skin can be found in our article Cannabis Oil and Skin - How It Can Benefit Your Skin.


At Cannalab Organics we offer you in a safe, scientific and beneficial way all the properties of this amazing plant. However, as we love to hear your suggestions, remarks and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need about our products.


We conscientiously produce products with respect for humans, nature and animals. With hemp as the predominant ingredient, we highlight the secret powers hidden in everything purely natural such as essential oils, vegetable extracts, fruits and herbs.

With the power of nature we create exceptional products of superior quality.

Feel the All Natural experience of Cannalab Organics

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Yours sincerely,

Cannalab Organics