Cannalab Organics is a trademark of Esse Due S.A. which is actively involved  internationally in the production, processing and sale of cannabis products to industrial customers. Esse Due’s experience in all stages of industrial production from the cultivation of raw materials to the final processing, the sale in foreign markets and the commitment to high quality, led to the creation of an innovative and pioneering brand using organic natural ingredients in all of its products.

 Cannalab Organics cosmetics are distinguished for their superior quality, rich aromas and affordable price. They are certified by the European Organization Biocert Italia as they are made exclusively from plant ingredients, without the addition of parabens, silicones, paraffins or other genetically modified raw materials. Each product is notified to the European CPNP platform in accordance with European Parliament and Council Regulation No 1223/2009 on cosmetics.

Cannalab Organics CBD oils are produced in certified organic Greek fields of industrial hemp, while the bottling and packaging of the final product is also made in Greece. They do not contain preservatives and are certified by the European Vegetarian Union as products suitable for use by vegetarians or vegans. Each batch of product is analyzed in independent third party laboratories for their cannabinoid content, the absence of heavy metals, microorganisms and pesticides.

We are constantly expanding our product range based on our customer needs and  the benefits offered to the end user using as main principles the excellent quality and the organic origin of all raw materials.

The Cannalab Organics products include years of research, innovation, passion and confidence in the beneficial attributes of hemp. Our goal is to introduce to the world all the miraculous properties of hemp and CBD through products of high cosmetic and nutritional value.